Thursday, 1 May 2014

Inspired by Jo Firth Young

Well Hello!

How the devil are you?

Well it's taken a while but I finally got round to creating my masterboard as shown here on the PaperArsty Blog by the 'some might say' (Jeremy Clarkson style) 'Quirky' Jo Firth Young, don't you just love this lady??? Not in creepy voyeur kind of way. (Did I dig myself out that hole?!)

Anyway I'm waffling! Jo created a scrumptious masterboard and as a girl who just loves to create backgrounds I had to have a go, although it takes as while (as usual) but I ALWAYS get there in the end LOL.

Here's my offering, the top image is the scan of the original and the bottom the original photo.

Now if you've popped over to Jo's site you will see that I have plagiarized her ideas unashamedly until I get into the groove a little, (don't seem to be finding time for craftig at the ,moment which isn't doing my sanity any good at all!!) here are the cards I made with mine.

So that's me done, thanks for stopping by and leave a comment if you fancy.

See you next time
Happy Craftin

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Bad Blogger!

Well hello! Long time no see! I know I'm a really bad blogger and it's been a while (well longer than a while but who's counting!). So what's been happening?

Amazballs stuff over in PaperArtsy Land check the blog HERE.

I couldn't possibly show everything I've been up to, not that it's been that much I really need a time machine or the Kris Kringle effect of slowing time down, just enough to catch up or have a little ME time!

This is one of the latest creations. Back in January it was Sue's birthday (my craftin bud), for her birthday I bought us both one of these frames from PaperArtsy (the real gift is the creative time together). So it took a while for us to get together.

Here's Sue's Blog with her finished item.

Here are a couple of close ups.

I went for my usual reds and greens from my fresco paint collection and used some of the gorgeous trinkets I received for Christmas.

Here's a couple pics of other things I have created.

This was a card for a friend who was off work after op!

This is a belated birthday wall hanging thingy for Sue's daughter.

So anyway I'm off to peg the washing out, at least it's dry enough to peg out, I must be getting old taking pleasure in such things!!

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Happy Craftin

Friday, 26 July 2013

Teachers Prezzies!

Hello Blogland hope everyone is well and not too hot in this heatwave?
Well as usual Emily had a list of teachers requiring gifts...8 in total! I thought I had thought about it early enough but was still rushing at the end as you do.
Off I went to the works to get some not very in-expensive canvases and little box and this is how they started off after a quick coat of all things Fresco!

The general rule of thumb was a mixture of fresco paint and grunge paste on the background with some PaperArtsy Lin Brown stamps...followed by some JOFY, Lynne Perrella and Chocolate Baroque stamping and painted with some detail. So without further ado I'll add the pics and the materials used on each one, I even made notes so I wouldn't forget but bet I still get something wrong! LOL

Fresco-eggplant, squid ink (my new favourite!), nougat
Grunge paste
Stencils- TCW280 Blazonary, TCW278s Mini circle explosion
Stamps- ELB03, MN46

Fresco-sky, guacamole, baltic blue. zesty zing, london bus, beach hut, autumn fire
Stamps- ELB01, Punky Flowers

Fresco- eggplant, london bus, autumn fire
Stamps- LPC022, The Legend of Bamboo (Kodomo Inc.)

Fresco-nougat, autumn fire, zesty zing, london bus
Grunge Paste
Stencils-Dylusions luscious leaves
Stamps-JOFY14, MN46

Fresco- nougat, sherbet, sky
Grunge Paste
Stencil- Andy Skinner Baroque
Die-Tim Holtz pine cone (impersonating a rose), elegant flourishes

 Fresco- claret, sky,
Treasure gold- bronze gold
Tim Holtz Die - Cogs and texture fade artful muse
Tim Holtz Distress metallic paints
Stamps- Steampunk Butterfly

Fresco- claret, guacamole
Grunge Paste
Stencil - TCW278s mini circle explosion
Crunchy waxed kraft paper
Stamps- LPC003

Fresco- guacamole, hey pesto, tinned peas, nougat, squid ink, zesty zing, beach hut
Stamps- ELB03, JOFY14, 12 & 9

Well that's it, hopefully not bored you too much, I did try and keep the writing to a minimum so you can just look at the pics LOL
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Happy Craftin

Thursday, 27 June 2013

O I do love to be beside the seaside and Crafty Individuals June challenge

Hi Peeps, hope all is well with everyone?

Well we've had some decent weather haven't we and it had to change half way through my daughters sports day which was promptly called be finished later...

Back to the business in hand...

Quite a while ago I got a couple beach huts from PaperArsty for me and my craftin bud Sue, eventually, probably a couple weeks ago now we got together to decorate them and this is the outcome.

I used PaperArtsy fresco paints mermaid and sherbet but can't remember now what I used for the roof, it may have been a little zesty zing and guacamole. I used the lovely Crafty Individuals stamp CI-278, using the same colours.
That was as far as we got with our little session so off home to finish off...

It reminded me of Skegness with sand dunes where we spent lost of childhood holidays so off to the computer I went to look for some holiday snaps to create the background. So what else was needed? A deckchair obviously!
So now I had to search out some cocktail sticks, now this was quite fiddly as I had to sit and hold them in position while they stuck...not the most patient of people.
The fabric was created well with fabric LOL, stamped with JOFY09 and painted with fresco paints (and if I remember right I used a little satin glaze on top), I am constantly reaching for these um.

A close up of the beach hut showing the 'wall paper' inside and some shells the kids collected on holiday last year.

After we had finished these I suggested to Sue that we could put them on the Crafty Individual Challenge check it out here, now Sue had never blogged before but after a little arm twisting she was there, super first blog :)
Anyway I've made this an epic post again! Thanks for stopping by leave a comment if you fancy!
Happy Craftin

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Little Birdies

Well Hello! (Lesley Philips style, those of you old enough will understand this LOL)

So anyway on we go... during half term I had lots on my 'to do' list but after a lovely bank holiday walk along the canal with the family I started the worst cold I have ever had (bearing in mind that I can't remember the last time I had a cold, you see I don't do colds I'm never ill ARE YOU LISTENING!!). So before I know it, it was back to work and the every day activities known as life.

Last Thursday I thought it was about time (as I felt more normal, what ever that is LOL) I caught up on those jobs. Down came the front curtains, washed, windows and PVC cleaned, ironed and back up. Now I could concentrate on the new window dressing I had been thinking about for a while, you know when it keeps coming to the front of your head but then something else pushes it out the way?

We have rather large windows with old fashioned top lights which I love, these are split into 5 across the window, I made some faux pointy blinds, well panels really.

What next..I had some wooden birdies from the lovely PaperArtsy people which have been sat very patiently waiting to be decorated.

These were painted with nougat fresco paint, crackle glaze and topped off with a layer of claret, after which, I mixed a little squid ink with some grunge paste and stencilled using prima flourish and TWC mini art is stencils.

Here they are drying :) very well behaved birdies, I then brushed them up in places with Treasure you do.

When I was at North West Happy Stampers show with my best bud Sue in May we acquired some pretty cameos and pendants, so these were coloured too with claret, pewter and treasure gold. Now these were going to hang off my blinds/panels so I had to think how I was going to do this. Simples. fabric rosette with painted buttons and attached with large pres-stud so I can take them off when I wash the curtains (not that that happens very often LOL).
So here are the finished articles which proved really hard to photograph with the light from the windows. I must admit the material is a little dark so I may to see if I can live with or not but we'll see. It looks even darker in the photo with the back light!!

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Happy Craftin

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Wall Hangy Thingy

OK OK so it's been a whole since I blogged. I mean 8 months isn't a long long time in the grand scale of things ...right?!

SO back to current affairs... it's been awfully excising in the world known as PaperArsty what with new designs, guest designers more new stash, giveaways I mean who can keep up check out the blog HERE

Last week the lovely Carol Quance made a stunning wall hanging, I just happened to have started one too with my stash from Happy Stampers North West Show so here's my offering:

So here are the ingredients:

Fresco paints: beach hut, squid ink, eggplant and nougat
Wall hanging board, grunge paste, crackle glaze, aquamarine treasure gold, crunchy waxed kraft paper
Lynne Parella stamp LPC003, PA minis MN46
All of which can be found at PaperArtsy

Here are a couple of work in progress and close up pics

Anyway thanks for stopping by and Happy Craftin

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Hello Mr Robin!

So here we are again! Now since the Ghost fish in my last post I hadn't really been creative at all and was just waiting for my first day off work once the school term had begun.
Last Friday I made a date with my craftin buddy Sue ' I NEED TO CRAFT!' so we painted and sprayed a cut and this is my offering of a little robin on his rather tall bird house.

Stamps used were Chocolate Baroque Holly & Ivy and New England Winter along with Tim's Pine cone die used for the roses and the little wooden house was from Paperartsy.

I must admit I got a little frustrated with the roses as they just didn't work properly to start with but it is quite cute...although I don't really do cute LOL.

Anyway I'm off for a session.TTFN

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Happy Craftin