Thursday, 13 September 2012

Ghost Fish

Well hello there, it's only been a month since my last blog, not that bad considering it was the summer hols. Well it's all back to normal now (what ever that it LOL).

Whilst we were away in Devon it was my spoons birthday so we had to take all his gifts down with us, as you do!

Now this project actually started on holiday last year, "last year" I hear you ask...

Martyn got up early (a few days anyway) before breakfast and went over to the other lake as he wasn't catching anything on the one our cabin was almost floating on!!

Anyway this one morning he didn't take his phone with him and struggled for 15mins to land this HUGE fish but as no-one else was with him and he hadn't got his phone to take a photo he reached for a nearby twig and broke it to the size of the fish as measurement.

(This isn't a long story HONEST!)

So when we turned up with his breakfast we heard his fishermans tale; you know the one 'It was TH-------IS BIG', anyway the twig came home with us!

So you know how you can have fish mounted well we, as in me and the kids thought we'd mount Martyn's stick and this was the outcome:

We masked the fish with a cut out mask and sprayed the back ground with glimmer mists and simply used a mixture of Chocolate Baroque and Paperartsy stamps, and used computer generated text calling it 'Ghost Fish'. Than mounted it in an Ikea box frame with some pebbles and shells.

The good news is he absolutely LOVED it!!
Now if I can keep you here for a couple more minutes to show the card my not so little babies made for him which I am very proud of, not only because it's lovely but more because they actually worked together without bickering, which when they are very much at they age when they annoy one another over the slightest of things is pretty amazing!!

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by

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  1. Hi Rebecca. Love your fish picture even more now after reading how it was inspired. Beautiful card. What talented little ones you have.
    Regards Florence x