Monday, 14 May 2012

Art Parts

Haven't I been naughty, fancy not blogging since last year!

I couldn't believe it had been that long actually...mental note to self...'must do better'.

Well here is my first play with Art Parts and they're really good. I don't think I've really done them justice but for a first play it's ok.

Happy craftin

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  1. I think it's more than ok Rebecca, it's great. Love all the bits you've managed to include without it looking in the least bit cluttered. The flourish is brilliant!

    Lesley Xx

    PS Tee Hee! My post tonight was going to be quick but then I forgot and waffled on as usual. I'm too old to change now, lol!

  2. You have been away for a little while Rebecca, but I bet you have still been getting all inky and messy. You've probably been working on a project and you lost track of time, easily done for a year! I'd believe that. Thanks for my comments, I keep meaning to get some art parts, these look fab, I really like that design too. Michelle x Going to follow you, as I think the sleeping crafty Rebecca is coming back to life :-) x