Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Well this is my first WOYWW but I have 3 pics...we don't eat at our dining table that much LOL so today was special but then it all piled back up ad in pic 2 but this is neat as I'd just finished!
CI stamps distress inks and glassine roses

Happy Craftin

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  1. Nice work there! I particularly like the 'not journal' page from your previous post, gorgeous colours :) I've only been doing WOYWW for a couple of weeks - you're gonna get hooked :D xxx

  2. Uhooi,,
    It's a nice, sweet and creative,,

  3. Welcome to the will love it ...time speeds up loose days in the week ... and you become addicted have been warned. I joined when JD had the first idea ..there were about 20 of us look. Dont feel you have to be there every week ...but you probably will. lol
    Love that card ...has a lovely feel to it.

  4. Welcome welcome! Lovely to se your before and after table..I tell my lot it's called a 'dining' table and as we never do 'dining' it's fair game for my stuff!! Love the way you casually throw in 'glasseine flowers' - huh? Now what have I missed?!!